About us

Onora Ltd is a software company specialized in providing ICT solutions for a wide range of business and public sector clients, that has been providing its services to local and foreign customers for more than fifteen years.
The services we provide include:
  •   Professional database monitoring and administration 
  •   Database and application software tuning and data security
  •   Business and IT consulting
  •   Design, development and implementation of application software
  •   ERP software implementation
We are an Oracle Partner, as well as a member of Microsoft Partner Network.


Keeping up with the latest updates and knowing the needs of our customers enables us to always offer the most suitable configuration of system software as well as to provide appropriate licensed software.
Monitoring and administration of Oracle databases are services configured according to users needs and may include:
  •   Direct access to Onora consultants for all questions regarding Oracle products
  •   Promptly informing the users about large or frequent problems, as well as ways to avoid them
  •   Giving recommendations on certified combinations of Oracle products and operating systems
  •   Periodic (monthly or quarterly) analysis of the work in the previous period in order to identify and eliminate possible deficiencies, improve the work and planning for the next period
  •   Regular (weekly or monthly) check-ups that include detailed database check-up (data collection, analysis and recommendations about locations, size and numbers of the key structures of the database such as data files, redo log files, control files, rollback segments, fragmentation of the database and facilities in it), analysis of database parameters and appropriate recommendations for optimal performance, data collection and data security analysis, analysis of changing business needs and available resources, maintenance of backup and recovery strategies and procedures
  •   Regular (weekly or monthly) maintenance or interventions upon request in order to improve functioning of the database and applications or resolving problems
  •   Urgent interventions - a response within two hours for diagnosing and eliminating urgent problems that affect the functioning of the entire system


Design, development, implementation and maintenance of applications according to requirements and needs of the user is part of our core business. Working with Onora on a custom-made application brings many advantages. 
A custom-made application is written to your requirements and fits in with your business. There is a direct relationship that provides a better understanding of your business and needs. The developers can be more responsive to your needs and thus changes can be made more quickly, allowing you to adapt more easily. You can control the pace of changes, rather than waiting for next release. Your software is maintained for as long as you require and you are independent from the global software developer.
The biggest benefit you get with custom business applications is that it is fully adjustable to your needs with efficient and reliable technical support plan. You will have full access to a technical support team that was involved in the development process of your application, so all your encountered problems are resolved in an efficient manner.
Some of the applications that Onora created are:
  •   Support for Social welfare payments for families and children
  •   Project management and time trackers in marketing agencies
  •   Support for market inspection and turist inspection
  •   Support for newspapers distribution
  •   Tracking donations for The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
  •   Support for financial sector of government institutions
  •   Support for technical services and calculation of costs for smart building


Our team has an extensive experience in various technological and business environments. Knowledge and experience in ICT concepts is used in providing a wide range of consulting services including:
  •   Engagement in the analysis, design, development, implementation and / or maintenance of the application
  •   Business and IT consulting
  •   E-government consulting
  •   Project management and project supervision
  •   Business processes analysis and ERP software implementation
  •   Organization of thematic workshops for the users


  • AAM Consulting, HU
  • Asseco SEE
  • Comtrade
  • Distriest, SLO
  • Danube Group
  • Examplas Holdings, UK
  • Market Inspectorate
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of SCG
  • Ministry of Health, The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria of Serbia
  • Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs of Serbia
  • Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of Serbia
  • MMS Communications
  • New Moment New Ideas Company
  • NIS Petroleum Industry of Serbia
  • PE Informatika
  • PE Post of Serbia
  • Planeta Sport
  • S&T Serbia
  • Sipu International, SE
  • Sport Vision
  • Telekom Srbija
  • Thermal power plants Nikola Tesla
  • Time Partner
  • Timi Holdings Limited
  • Tourism Inspectorate
  • Youth of JAZAS


   Kneza Sime Markovića 7, 11000 Belgrade

   +381113034833, +381113283678